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Described as ‘probably London’s greatest alcoholic garage rock band’ and ‘a whisky-fuelled misdemeanour in musical form’, Albino, also known as the Alabama Bingo Nomads, aim to please listeners with their eclectic musical line up and their never-ending energy since 2005.


Managed by Rocker Young, the band consists of Ben Tucker on guitar and vocals, Merv Salole on bass, Gareth Morris on guitar, and Don Gibson on percussion. The band play regularly in London and around the UK, however, don’t worry if you live elsewhere - you can catch the band once a year as they take on the globe through their international tour.

Their mutual love of Americana and rock music means they have managed to produce a huge back catalogue of albums and EP’s over the years, including their most recent EP, ‘Night at the chemist’, which exhibits a huge amount of enthusiasm towards their favourite pastimes – drinking whisky and jamming together.


The band have performed in over 100 venues, with over 200 gigs under their belts since 2005, displaying their commitment and engagement to ensure their fiery appeal to their large and loyal audience. Their hard-hitting music, made up of gritty vocals, humorous lyrics, fabulous guitar instrumentals and remarkable beats, makes their Americana music easy to enjoy and love straight from the first listen.

Watch the video for the new single ‘Belinda’ here:


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