Alt-grunge to soul-funk: Jak Chantler of Short Sharp Scratch releases 'Shell Suit'

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Over the courses of their careers, musicians often play around with genres, but none have made quite such a radical transition as Jak Chantler, who having previously played heavy alt-grunge with Kerrang’s ‘best unsigned band’ Kingskin, is now creating funk and soul infused tunes under the new moniker of Short Sharp Scratch.


With his debut solo release, guitarist Chantler is aiming for a more soulful, laid back vibe which certainly makes itself clear in his new single ‘Shell Suit’ with its groove-heavy guitar line and wandering female vocals.

Since the success of the band, Jak has also worked alongside Charlie Andrew of Alt J and Madness fame, before high profile guitar performances for the likes of James Corden, Rick Astley and Gordon Ramsey.


There’s a distinct throwback sound to what Chantler has moved on to from his grungey beginnings, and the new style can be compared to the likes of Chic (particulary Nile Rogers’ funkadelic fret work) and Chaka Khan. Everyone loves a bit of 80s music that gets them moving and you’ll find it hard not to when listening to ‘Shell Suit’.

However, this gem of a tune isn’t out until Septmeber 15th, so until then, you can find out more about Short Sharp Scratch here:


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