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Yafit Rahamim-Fleisher, otherwise known under her latest musical moniker of Ciqala, is releasing her latest single, ‘Caving’ - an evocative track full of dark sounds and alternative rock stylings.


Although Ciqala is influenced by the likes of classic Brit-pop acts such as Blur, Suede, Pulp and 80s icons, Depeche Mode, her music takes a much different avenue employing an element of the electronic, driven by heavy drums and ethereal vocals, backed up by substantial, captivating lyricism and a balance in musical dynamism that simultaneously intrigues, enchants and ensnares.

However, despite this, Ciqala also looks beyond music when it comes to finding inspiration. In fact, cult 80s series such as ‘the Tripods’ and ‘Chocky’ help give her music that cinematic edge.


Interestingly, Ciqala actually translates as ‘little one’ in a native American language originating from Dakota. Couple this with themes of spiritualism, simplicity, science and the purity of nature, and you have a powerful vision that encapsulates the work of Ciqala.

Watch the video for ‘Caving’ here:


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