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We see crossovers in other areas of the artistic world, so why not combine music with comic books? This is the unique concept of ‘music avatar’ Psyrena whose otherwordly realm drifts back and forth between reality and an idyllic animated sphere.


But let’s go back to basics for now: Psyrena creates a highly listenable (and dance-able) form of electro-pop that she likes to call ‘bipolar electronica’ due to the varied nature in the songs she is creating.

However, the comic heroine is not alone in her pursuit of music; accompanied by Mr. Bear, her spirit animal and best friend, the pair combat some of society’s most pressing issues of current times, including most importantly the ‘disenfranchising’ of minorities. Consequently, whilst at face value, their music can appear rather transparent, beneath the image is a musical aesthetic that addresses feminism, LGBT communities and hate crimes too.


This is all evident within Psyrena’s latest release ‘Rainbows and Unicorns’ which you can watch the video for here:

The comics are a highly enjoyable vehicle for escapism too, with some eccentric characters and there’s even bras that fall from the sky! You can’t make this stuff up. This is for the comic fans, but it’s also one for the music lovers. I can guaranteee ‘Rainbows and Unicorns’ memorable hook will be lurking in your head for days...


Read the comic teaser here:

Find out more on Psyrena, the first social media avatar, here:


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