Whilst the image above may not portray the same kind of sentiments, Italian/American band Psychopathic Romantics employ a dark, brooding sound within their latest release, ‘The Gathering’.

Pioneering an eclectic blend of folk, psych, rock and even a little bit of punk, the band combat some topical issues in ‘The Gathering’ which has an overtly political undertone.

In fact, although the track is originally taken from Psychopathic Romantic’s 2015 album, Bread and Circuses, the band have decided to release ‘The Gathering’ now due its relevance today, which is just as, if not more pertinent now than it was then.

With a unique video concept featuring mops with ping-pong balls for eyes (believe me it’s great) which the band concocted themselves, the depth and meaning behind ‘The Gathering’ becomes all that much clearer.


As well as this, Psychopathic Romantics set themselves apart from the crowd with their use of instrumentation. Gone are the days of simply putting a guitar, bass and drums together; instead, Psychopathic Romantics employ the sounds of the mandolin, bouzouki and Indian harmonium to create their own individual sound identity.

Watch the video for ‘The Gathering’ here: