The legendary Dean Friedman is best known for his classic hits ‘Lydia’, McDonald’s Girl’ and ‘Ariel’, but now the talented songwriter is back, with a new album, which he’s promoting on tour.

12 Songs is the first record from Dean in 7 years, and possibly one of his best. Dean was keen to provide his faithful fans with some new material for the tour this summer and he noted that “I’ve always tried to paint pictures in my songs, with words and music. Recording in a studio, turning the songs into an album, allows me to add color and shade and texture to those sonic portraits and aural landscapes.


Once again, since Dean’s songwriting capabilities know no bounds, 12 Songs is another mixing pot of styles that touches on everything from rock to pop and jazz to folk. There’s even a bit of country thrown in for good measure. This is perhaps one of Dean’s best qualities as an artist; he is the ultimate songwriter, not just a musician who sticks to one style for all their life.

As well as this, the new album features a smorgasbord of topics including a song about a kite (which is supposedly a metaphor on Friedman’s recording career) as well as a track about ducks which tells the story of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland. You can’t say it isn’t original!

You can check out the dates for Dean’s tour below:

May 26th: London, Pheasantry Pizza Express

May 27th: Pheasantry, Pizza Express

July 15th: Dublin, Arthur’s Pub

July 16th: Belfast, Crumlin Road Gaol

July 19th: House Concert

July 20th: Sheffield, Lantern Theatre

July 21st: Liverpool, Liverpool Philharmonic/ Music Room

July 22nd: York, Great Yorkshire Fringe Festival

July 23rd: Huddersfield, The Keys

July 28th-31st: Carcassonne, France, Songwriting Seminar at the French House Party


August 4th: Inverness, One Touch Theatre/Eden Court

August 5th: Glasgow, Websters Theatre

August 9th- 20th: Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Sweet/ Apex Suite, Songs for Grownups


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