Described as “ experimental masterpiece...impossible to pin down to a single genre and with the potential to appeal to fans of many” (Sputnick Music), Elsiane are a Canadian alternative pop duo who create a form of music like you’ve never heard before.

Having found success with a major label, the pair were quickly disillusioned by how large companies dealt with their artists, forcing them to become something they are not. As a result, Elsiane decided to forget the label and release their record independently, which they aptly titled Death of the Artist. Consequently, the album is one of self-reflection, looking back on their journey as musicians, the problems they have encountered and fortunately, the rebirth of the artist.

Within their music, Elsieanne Caplette and drummer, Stephane Sotto, form an enchanting world of dark, brooding instrumentation that is both ambitious and challenging. Nor is the instrumentation typical, as you would find in mainstream music; there is a sense of experimentation and pushing boundaries that comes across as soon as you listen to the duo’s music.

Due to their eclectic and wide reaching style, Elsiane have drawn comparison with artists such as Massive Attack, Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel, which shows just how varying their influences are.


‘Unstable’, which is taken from the new record, exhibits Elsiane’s genre blending sound perfectly, employing evocative and haunting vocals with almost tribal-esque drum beats that later turn towards dance. Check out the video too- it’s one you won’t want to miss!

Death of the Artist is out 21st April.