Egyptian pop artist, Music Theory, is looking to break out of his local, uninspiring music scene, where the majority of music is sung in Arabic in order to display his talents as a songwriter.

Whilst he categorises his work as falling under the mainstream umbrella, listeners will find hints of rock, R&B and even dance in Music Theory’s work. Breaking into the world of pop music can be difficult considering the vast array of competition, but Music Theory sets himself apart by keeping it simple. The song writing focuses on delicate instrumentation, with heartfelt lyrics and a hook that you’ll be humming for days.

When he was younger, Music Theory admits that he was shy character but the outlet of music has clearly helped, allowing him to pen down his thoughts and feelings through a more appropriate medium.

Check out the video for Music Theory’s latest single, ‘Down The Aisle’ here:

Music Theory even gives his fans an insight into the world of being a songwriter in his blog which you can check out here: