Feline and Strange: Berlin's electro-wave cabaret duo

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Bet you’ve never heard of ‘electro-wave cabaret’, right? That’s because the genre’s inventors, Berlin based duo Feline and Strange are seemingly the sole purveyors of this niche sound, but they certainly know what they’re dong with it.


With such a unique label for the music that they’re making, it’s evident that the pair draw on a number of genres but it borrows as much from the stylings of classical compositions as it does from punk; it’s truly a mash up contrasting sounds that you would never associate together, but somehow work.

Feline and Strange tell us that they are extraterrestrials, transferred to earth hundreds of years ago and born into new bodies. They aren’t aware of what exactly their mission is, but they assume they must report back home. Their music serves to collect members for their crew, but recently they have conspired against earth’s invasion, warming to the planet and its inhabitants.


It is this combination of backstory and unique sound that makes Feline and Strange so intriguing and endearing, and their music does not disappoint. It’s by no means your everyday music, but it’s an intelligent combination that challenges preconceptions of what can be done with instruments and what sounds can be formed. Strange even built his own folding cello after cutting an electrical one in to 3 pieces - something he crafted in order to take it as carry on luggage for flights.

Taken from the new album, OUT, you can check out the new video for ‘City By The Sea’ here:






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