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Luna Blue, the Indie-rock and pop four piece, are in line to release a 6-song debut EP, filled with inspiration coming from all angles of the musical world. This song, ‘Borrowed Words’, embodies only some of these angles, but it isn’t difficult to latch onto what they’re selling. Meaning that the boys wear these inspirations on their sleeve, yet not without developing a sense of their own personality.


And this personality is rather fetching and quite magnetic. For example, Tom High’s vocals on this thing are filled with a unique and recognisable delivery. Recognisable because one can only hear similar traits of Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. And this is where the band is more self-evident with their inspiration, the entire track manifests itself as an image of its predecessors. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as they only attempt to mould and progress the sound.

This progression, mostly comes from the tracks ability to flow so well whilst succumbing to adjustments and transformations in the instrumentals. The hook is the literal anchor of the track, whilst the backing instrumentals take new paths every now and again. Here, the song takes on some inspiration from Jazz and funk composition, which strengthens the tracks ability to produce a very catchy and fun body of sound.


Towards the end of the track we are treated to a distant guitar solo that is sort of overthrown by the other instruments and vocals. However, it doesn’t harm the songs flow, it actually creates a perfectly subtle bridge from the tracks bouncy chorus to a natural exit.

Luna Blue obviously understand contemporary indie-rock, as they produce an infectious, funk based track that is still trying to push through and develop its own sound.


Watch the teaser for the band’s upcoming EP, Nightjar, here:

Joshua Fortune

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