We’ve seen a number of artists breach the boundaries between jazz and pop in the past- acts such as Norah Jones and Katie Melua, but the latest andpossibly most unique of these is Australian singer-songwriter, Lisa Richards, who release her new album, A Light From The Other Side, on 21st April.

It’s easy to place musicians into general umbrella genres, but in reality, Lisa occupies her very own space in the musical world, borrowing elements from folk, blues, roots, jazz and pop- it’s a potent and highly unique combination that allows Lisa to show off her stunning vocals which are simply like nothing you’ve heard before.


Watch the video for the single ‘Frank Sinatra’ here:

This is where you can’t really compare her to anyone else; it’s not often that you encounter an artist who leaves you speechless and void of frame of reference. When listening to new music, you automatically try to compare what you’re hearing with something you already know, but with Lisa, it just isn’t possible. Lisa even admits it herself: ‘My music is difficult to pigeonhole stylistically, my voice is hard to pin down...’

Richards has had a turbulent life to say the least, encountering ill family members and difficult relationships to name but a few, yet she has drawn on these experiences to form a collection of beautifully introspective songs that are both heart warming and thought provoking.





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