It would be reasonable to suggest that making a rather 1980s rock album when you’re a titled woman of post 29 years of age would be accomplishment enough. To do it when you were born profoundly deaf is quite another. Having endured a life of silence and marital abuse, Lady Geraldine Elliott has emerged as both a successful business woman and now, remarkably, a rock star.

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Born in Bristol, Geraldine Elliott spent her childhood in an environment which was neither forgiving nor sympathetic. Leaving school as soon as she could, she found herself married against her better judgement to a man who was both physically and mentally abusive. Having freed herself from this marriage, a second fared little better, though at least gave her the opportunity to express herself artistically as an oil painter (in, of all places, Africa).


Return to the UK to settle in Edinburgh (via South America), she naturally founded a hospital for damaged dolls - an establishment which does exactly what you might expect, for the poorly teddies and mini fake humans of Scotland. A hugely successful venture, it was at this stage she was ‘discovered’ by an ‘experienced’ music producer. How he knew she was musical is lost in the mists of time.

It is worth pointing out that at this juncture, she did have some hearing - only 30% but it was the best a life-changing operation could offer. Yet, she was a skilled singer (all considered) and was whisked to the recording studio to perform her magic with some of the area’s musical hired hands.


Far from her first output, Little Miss Blue is by far the most arresting. an immediately arresting voice entangled around distinctly soft rock guitar workouts: part top of the pops; part West End spectacular, imagine Stevie Nicks and you’re vaguely ballpark. It’s not for the easily spooked, but it is a truly incredible achievement. Lady Geraldine. A template for living life to the full, whatever it throws at you.

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