Meet soul-man Les Kirsh

With his self-labelled brand of ‘modern soul’, Les Kirsh is returning to the world of music that he loves so much with remastered and mixed versions of some of his old songs.

If it wasn’t for a car crash back in 1974, Les Kirsh may well have become a household name, renowned for his soul influenced style of music, but regrettably, the accident put his career on hold for longer than he expected.


Now, after being encouraged back to his roots by his son, Les has worked on new versions of three of his songs: ‘Tell Me To My Face’, ‘Say’ and ‘La La La’. Whilst Les’ singing talents are undeniable, he would prefer to be known for his songwriting abilities which cover a wide range of genres. Although soul music is always at the heart of his music, the new tracks, remastered by famed producer, Andy Whitmore, employ elements from jazz, pop and even reggae. Consequently, Les’ music is easy listening that will appeal to anyone who likes their tunes with a bit of groove to it.

Check out this interview with Les below where he talks about his music and his origins in the industry:

Having supported the likes of Amen Corner, Jimmy Ruffin and The Moody Blues back in the day, Les will be hoping to pick up where he left off with his old career.

Listen to ‘Tell Me To My Face’ here:


Find out more on Les Kirsh here:


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