No ordinary bedsit programmer, NEJ!LAS (her name is a semi-reversal of her given name of Jen Sal) is the founder of a multi-national charity, Global Health Conscious, which has donated $2.5 million worth of medical aid to United Nation refugee camps across the Middle East. Now, NEJ is ready to unveil her debut recordings

Illustration for article titled Nej!Las - Avant-noir techno, anyone?

Citing her influences as being as diverse as modern film score giant, Hans Zimmer and the inventive and prolific Boards of Canada, this is far more than generic throbbing Detroit beats.

Having lived in two different countries and eight different cities, NEJ!LAS has soaked up the influences of her surroundings like a true nomad, Detroit and Chicago being the most obvious, though that’s only half the story. Inspired by her talented drumming father, NEJ!LAS has taken the traditional techno template and turned it on its head – the elements might be familiar but the structure is entirely her own creation, the tracks on her debut release having real cross-genre appeal




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