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We know we normally cover the best in new music releases, but this one is a little different- It’s still music related though, don’t worry!


After visiting Battersea’s fantastic new opera themed restaurant, T.W.I.D, we just had to write something about it! There might be some classical music lovers out there who also love their food that are certain to be interested by this.

Not only do you get a fantastic, visually appealing (and stomach appealing) meal, but 6 nights a week, your food is accompanied by live opera singer performances. It’s mayhem - but who wants a boring sit down meal these days? It seems like some of the best in the business are now offering something different and unique with their food, whether that be eating in a pitch black room or having your food served on blocks of ice- it’s no longer just about the food, but the experience too.


Nothing beats live music, and for many, nothing beats a good meal out- so it seems T.W.I.D are on to a winning combination with their conceptual and ground breaking ideas. The walls are adorned with red velvet and golden frescoes, with intimate booths and balcony style seating for its customers- as if you were actually at the opera, but with a three course meal too!

So, if classical music is your thing, but you’re tired of listening to your records at home, then head on down to T.W.I.D. We can promise you won’t be disappointed!


Check them out here:

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