It’s not unheard of by any means to see people pursuing a career in music further down the line after having tried their hand at other things, but you can’t say that many have gone from working for the government to becoming an indie acoustic singer songwriter.

Such is the case for London based artist, Pallab Sarker, who began to build a name for himself as musician when his debut single ‘Morning in Brixton’ was picked up on the US college radio network, earning him a record deal across the pond.

However, before all of this, Pallab plied his trade as a press advisor for the former labour government, working for the likes of trade minister, Lord Digby Jones, and meeting a host of famous name including Matthew McConaughey and even the Pope!

Now, Pallab is taking the time to hone his craft as a musician, releasing the new single ‘Not Gonna Fall in Love With You’ which prides itself on wistful melodies, delicate vocals and simple, yet effective instrumentation.


It was during the mid- 90s brit-pop explosion that Pallab’s musical inspiration was formed as he moved to the capital, basking in the vibrant live music scene. It wasn’t long before he formed his own band, ICON, who joined the circuit, gigging incessantly.

Since these days of old, Pallab’s musical direction has diverged somewhat, heading towards the indie-acoustic sphere, one which he feels is poorly represented by British Asians. As a result, Pallab is looking to change all of this and become the poster boy.

You can listen to ‘Not Gonna Fall In Love With You’ here: