Having released his debut single ‘Freedom’ earlier this year, a song that stood up to the presidency of a certain Donald Trump, the talented singer songwriter is back, this time focusing his skills on raising awareness of the world’s current refugee crisis.

‘Land of Hope’ picks up where Beldon left off with his last release, transferring his affinity for writing succinct and poignant lyrics to a topic that seems to plague our news feeds at the moment. This is perhaps where Beldon has best tapped into a gap in the musical market; granted, there are few protest song writers these days, but Haigh has made himself relevant with the music he is writing - just as these issues are hitting the headlines, Beldon voices the opinion of millions in his expertly written songs. We all know that actions speak louder than words and Beldon’s action of writing songs is better than sitting on our sofas complaining about the state of the world.


Watch the video for ‘Land of Hope’ here:

Haigh was compelled to write the new single after seeing so many images in the media of refugees taking on treacherous journeys to the sake of their lives. It was the picture of Alan Kurdi, a three year old Syrian boy lying dead, washed up on a beach that pushed Beldon over the edge and forced him to pen his feelings down in ‘Land of Hope’.

In support of refugees all over the world, Beldon is donating all proceeds from sales of the track to indiGo volunteers, an organisation who provide support and assistance to the work of aid agencies who are involved in helping the humanitarian crisis.





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