The remarkable Antonio Domingos, an American pianist living in Portugal, has recently broken to world record for the number of times a piano key can be hit in one minute. So far, so hmm. However, this is no fluke or one-off stunt. Antonio has dedicated himself to becoming known for both his speed and stamina as a pianist, definite, quantifiable proof he can achieve feats which no other pianist has been able to officially document.

Take for example his version of Chopin’s ‘Revolutionary’ Etude, here: difficult enough to challenge even the best pianists at normal speed, Antonio plays in octaves, thirds, and sixths, instead of in single notes, as Chopin had originally written it     

He plays one of the most notoriously difficult of Chopin’s Etudes, namely op.10,#2, in 60 seconds, as a response to a challenge that had been circulating on the Internet for quite a while, thus possibly setting an (unofficial) world speed record: 

With more challenges on the horizon, Antonio is well on the way to becoming one of the most celebrated pianists on the planet.



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