For all the rock and roll lovers out there, the genre seems to be picking up again in recent years with indie bands once again raising the profile of the style but not many of these are considered ‘proper’ rock and roll. However, Telford based band of four, Savannah, certainly can be.

Aligning themselves with classic British rock acts such as The Who, The Stone Roses and Blur, Savannah are resurrecting rock for modern audiences in need of quality music.

Consisting of Liam Ball (vocals), Jason Lewis (guitar/backing vocals), Harry Neat (drums) and Ellis Holmes (bass), the tight-knit lads are releasing their new hard-hitting single, ‘Taxing Times’; a reflection of the prevailing feeling of austerity and oppression in the country today, coupled with the uncertainty of a dismal future. The track was recorded at Savannah’s purpose-built studio in Dawley, engineered by James Revitt and produced/mastered by Gareth Rogers.

Not only this, but the band are a tight-knit group, devoted in their shared cause of creating rock and roll- they noted: ‘No trivial silliness could crack this brotherhood – all the sex, drugs, rock’n’roll and money could not get in the way of our divine purpose’.

Savannah’s new single ‘Taxing Times’ isn’t out until 21st July but until then, check out some of Savannah’s previous work here: