The Future of Music, Spelled Out by Johann Sebastian Punk

If there’s one thing that shows the absurdity of language, it’s the phonetic alphabet. This seemingly impossible to crack code, designed, bafflingly, to make the artistry of language understandable to all fails on pretty much every level. Have you ever been taught the phonetic alphabet? You have? Ah, just me then...

This slightly random aside is for a reason. Renegade Italian gypsy/dandy/hoodlum, Johann Sebastian Punk, has given up hope on his own country’s impenetrable music scene and has chosen the UK and more sympathetic ears for an audience. His new album, Phoney Music Entertainment, sees him being a punk nominally, though more complex musically. There’s a bit of Adam Ant; a bit of Roxy Music’s more outlandish theatricals; a bit of introspective singer-songwriter - none of which is in line with current musical trends, which is no doubt why it’s worth listening to more than most.


Though his live shows, reportedly, are an alarming blitzkrieg of visual pantomime, complete with rather more restrained band, the album feature Punk himself playing a huge array of instruments, packing as much texture into each song as the tape will hold. Although two break-out singles are worthy stand-alones, it’s very much a piece of work which is and should be best listened to as a whole. It’s an experience in every sense. Phonetics? Ah, you’ll be wanting to see this video then - the world’s first with ultra-confusing subtitles:

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