Illustration for article titled The Ice-Shattering Purity of Neethusha

Since the early 90s, the wave of female vocalists (don’t get me started on the men...) who feel the best way to demonstrate their voice is to skip across as many notes as possible, managing to avoid anything approaching melody has become almost comical. This yodelling style certainly has its fans...or does it?

Enter Neethusha, ex of Keralan band Stereogrind, whose voice has such a bone-juddering clarity and tone, that you suddenly realise where it all went wrong. With the confidence and the clear talent to sing and actually HOLD NOTES - y’know, like they mean something, is a thing of genuine wonder. Like shards of glass flitting across creamy waves, it’s so comforting, yet at the same time chilling. Her first solo release, Why Did I Lose You, is highly recommended to anyone who had forgotten to truly listen to music.

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