Gordy and James of The Korvids
Gordy and James of The Korvids

Aiming their music at the older generation who might want to ‘bust a move’ in honour of their younger selves, The Korvids are releasing their eponymous album which features an infectious blend of funk-pop with a distinct disco-esque feel.


Consisting of Gordy Goudie and James Grant (former front-man of 80s group Love and Money), The Korvids create a kind of music that simply screams ‘dance’, but not the kind of modern, sweaty club dancing - the good kind of proper disco dancing, like it used to be.

Grant’s trademark falsetto vocals are instantly reminiscent of the BeeGees, and consequently, Saturday Night Fever, but this is not to say that their music is outdated, by any means. There’s a high level of quality production and craftsmanship to their work that cannot be denied - even the short guitar solo at the end of ‘Bad Faith’ adds a touch of experimentation and modern sound, itself being comparable to the iconic funk tones of Jamiroquai.


Taking morsels of inspiration from all over the musical world, including the likes of Massive Attack, Deodato and Miles, The Korvids bring an eclectic sound to the table, yet they sound like they’ve been pioneering it for years.

Whilst Grant found his fame with Love and Money, Gordy is no stranger to the industry either, having played guitar and bass for Echo and the Bunnymen and The Primevals. He has even produced for Simple Minds!


The Korvids is out 28th April.

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