Introducing Tiffani Juno, a young London-based solo artist making a come-back in the music industry with her EP, ‘Go Hard’, after a tough few years. She projects her emotions strongly in her songs to share her struggles through depression, insomnia and her worry of failure. Creating her thought-provoking music seemingly acts as a form of therapy as she shares her difficult story, engaging her fans even more in her electro-soul based music.

She describes her EP enthusiastically as “reflective of my love of UK bass and electronic music, but you can hear elements of reggae, dub(step), jungle and dnb too”, bringing a new hybrid style to the world of music, whilst showing her unusual 60s inspired stimuli.

Tiffani’s electronic, contemporary EP, influenced by popular 60s singers including Janis Joplin, Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald, inspire her beautiful vocals and thoughtful lyrics, clearly showing her passion towards the fusion of very different musical forms to create a unique and intriguing sound.

After working with some great producers and even supplying backing vocals to Iggy Azalea’s album, thanks to the opportunities that winning Sony/ATV’s song-writing competition gave her, she is committing more to her music after starting university, so expect more great things from Tiffani Juno in the near future.

Tiffani’s latest EP ‘Go Hard’ isn’t out until 18th August, but until then, you can check her out on social media, as well as some of her previous material